Bonneli and Trinterio Group have entered into a strategic partnership.

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24 December 2013

Bonneli and Trinterio Group have entered into a strategic partnership concerning commercialization of a fold down system, being known and marketed as “PressXpress” or “PXP®”

Bonneli have the sole and exclusive right to offer and prepare for execution non-exclusive licenses, on behalf of Trinterio Group to third parties all over the world, for the manufacturing and sale of PXP® [PressXpress] products.

Years of research and development within Trinterio combined with the daily experiences and wishes of its customers resulted in the development of a new system called PXP® [PressXpress]. The clip inside the plank ensures a firm locking of the short sides resulting in a seamless and strong joint. Now all you have to do is “pressing” the flooring boards into place end to end.


PXP® [PressXpress] is an innovative fold down system for flooring panels, exclusively owned by Trinterio. It is already protected in Germany by a registered utility model DE 21 2010 000 195 U1, and corresponding patent applications such as the European patent application EP 2 558 658 A1 are pending.

“I am very pleased to announce the new partnership with Trinterio Group. They are an innovative company with great knowledge and interest in intellectual property and I am confident that the PXP® [PressXpress] system will be a strong competitor within the market for fold down technology for flooring panels.” says Bobby Markovski, CEO of Bonneli.

“We are looking forward to this cooperation. Together with Bonneli we now are offering manufacturers an innovative fold down system for panels which adds tremendous ease of installation.” says Peter Le Roy, Managing Director of Trinterio Group.



Trinterio Group is an important Belgian group of companies that produces high quality laminate floorings marketed under the Balterio brand and high quality MDF fibre board panels marketed under the Spanolux brand. Trinterio group was founded in 2001 and has a consolidated turnover of 178 million € with 375 motivated employees. Since May 2013 Trinterio Group has been part of International Flooring Solutions (IFS)-Holding, the parent company of IVC-Group, wordwide the 3rd largest manufacturer of vinyl floorcoverings.


Bonneli is an IP company focusing on Patent Licensing, Patent Enforcement and Strategic Management. The company is privately held and based in Helsingborg, in southern Sweden, with only about one hour’s drive away from Copenhagen. Bonneli helps intellectual property owners generate revenue from their patents by combining business, technical and legal expertise. Under our partnership model the client only pays us a fee if they actually earn money from the deal. The clients maintain ownership of their patents and are free to focus on the core business while Bonneli manages the licensing program.


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